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Revolutionize Your Package
Delivery Process with The EGG

A smart locker system that helps you meet
the demands of increased deliveries.
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Saves Staff Time. Convenient for Residents.

Why Your Staff Will Love The EGG

Frees staff from time consuming package management.

Automatically notifies residents when a package is delivered.

Allows staff to spend more time engaging with residents.

Why Your Residents Will Love The EGG

Worry-free shopping knowing their packages will be safe in a passcode protected locker.

Receive instant notification of delivery via text or email.

Retrieve packages 24/7 at their convenience - no more rushing for office hours or waiting in line.

Dimensions and

Configure Your EGG

The egg is as simple as:

  1. Delivery couriers search for residents by name or unit, select a locker size that fits the package, scan the bar code and place the package in the locker.
  2. The resident immediately receives a text, email or voice message (based on their preference) with a secure PIN code to be used at the secure EGG location.
  3. They can then retrieve the package at their convenience, day or night, by inputting their unique code.

The EGG requires the full-service version of ActiveBuilding.

The EGG significantly reduces the amount of the time spent by the on-site team to manage packages – which means more time for them to engage with residents and prospects.

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The EGGsact Requirements

The EGG is a modular system comprised of individual columns. A single column measures 21” x 24” x 86” but multiple columns can be assembled together to form a locker system.

The minimum 3 column install is depicted below. A typical install is 4 columns and measures 86” x 24” x 86” and requires a 120V power outlet and wired Internet connection. 

Additionally, The EGG requires a hard, level surface and a wall to anchor to, with sufficient ADA clearance in front of the lockers once installed.


We are taking orders for The EGG!

Please complete the form and we’ll be in touch soon to answer your questions.