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ActiveBuilding Employee Spotlight: Karina Vest

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Welcome to the fifth edition of our Employee Spotlight blog series! Throughout this series we’re interviewing members of our team and discovering what makes them tick.

This time we’re learning more about Karina Vest, an Implementation Consultant in our New York office who has been with ActiveBuilding for 4 years.  In this Q&A you’ll learn about an exciting project Karina is involved in, why she’s not exactly committed to Apple, and where she recently vacationed.  Let’s go!

What is your role at ActiveBuilding?  I am currently a part of the Implementation Team. When a client signs up for ActiveBuilding, my team builds the portals, and coordinates training for the onsite teams. Our job is to ensure that the staff feels empowered to run the portal and have a successful on-boarding experience!

What do you like most about ActiveBuilding?  I love the people that I work with! They’re a fun group who motivate and challenge me every day.  I also like working with innovative products such as ActiveBuilding and The EGG; they can have such an impact on a resident’s daily life.

What has been your favorite project at ActiveBuilding?  I would have to say being the Account Manager for our clients in Dubai. It is such an exciting opportunity to bring our product overseas and work with a wonderful team abroad.

Iphone, Android, or Windows phone?  Why?  I’ve always had an iPhone, but I’ve been tempted to switch recently. There have been some really cool features available on the Android market, so come back to me in a month with this question.

Now that we know what phone you prefer, what’s your favorite app?  I think my iTunes video app since I get to watch TV shows on my commute to and from work. I finished The Sopranos that way!

What’s your favorite vacation spot?  I just came back from Italy, so I am tempted to say Italy is my favorite vacation spot because of the food, the art and history.  I would have to say Colorado is a favorite as well; it is so beautiful there and the air is so fresh (especially compared to NYC).

When you’re not being amazing at your job, what do you like to do outside of work?  When it is warm, I love to be outdoors, and go hiking, biking, and camping whenever I can. It is getting pretty chilly in New York right now, so I am learning how to make candles and of course football season is back.  Go Broncos!

Have any questions for Karina?  Ask in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.