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The Egg at RealWorld 2014

Posted on Monday, August 25th, 2014

A few weeks ago the ActiveBuilding team attended the RealWorld 2014 user conference in Chicago. It was our first time going and as the new kid on the RealPage block it was tons of fun!  In addition to meeting customers and demoing the ActiveBuilding product for them, we also had the opportunity to show off the Egg Package Delivery System that we have been working on. Aside from a few pilot program communities and special guests to our Dallas and Seattle offices, this was the first time that customers have been able to see these smart locker systems out in the wild.

The Egg (it’s just a codename for now) was highlighted in the RealWorld keynote and it was definitely a hit with the industry folks who came back to see them at our booth. In a nutshell the Egg lockers are smart package lockers that are integrated with ActiveBuilding; residents are notified via email, SMS, and the web when couriers deliver their packages to the lockers. The Egg is a game changer at the price point (free to properties!) and is a huge benefit to the residents, property staff, and delivery couriers.

To help promote the Egg at RealWorld we hid a few golden egg prizes in some of the locker doors. Attendees that came by to hear what the Egg was about and stayed to watch a quick 3 minute demo got to peek behind a random door in the Egg to see if they won. We gave away all ten golden eggs at RealWorld, and each one contained a $100 gift card!

We didn’t stop at just the golden eggs either – we also gave away some big prizes to RealWorld attendees who participated in some of the workshops and seminars at the conference.  The Egg was a perfect way to deliver an XBOX ONE gaming console, Pebble Smartwatch, and Fitbit Flex to the lucky winners.

RealWorld 2014 was amazing and we’re looking forward to seeing our customers there next year in San Diego.  The ActiveBuilding team is also excited to be bringing the Egg to more pilot properties around the US! If you’re interested in learning more about the Egg you can visit our landing page to signup for the waiting list.


Check out our new mobile site!

Posted on Friday, May 23rd, 2014

ActiveBuilding Community Portals have a new look on your mobile device! As always we like to keep things fresh and introduce new looks when we have the chance. This time we have changed the mobile site a bit to fit handheld devices and pull ourselves to the forefront of mobile design. The login screen still looks pretty familiar —

new movile


But the Community Activity Stream is really where this new look shines. In the picture you can get a feel for where things are in the new design and how ActiveBuilding is now bringing your Community Portal to your fingertips.


mobile photo 3


As you can see, all different types of posts will show up and be easily identified as event, update, or other.

If you click on the bullhorn the Community Announcements populate to make sure your residents are seeing all the most up to date information about your Community.

moblie photo 2


Check our our mobile redesign on any of your mobile devices and let us know what you think! As we move forward from here there will be more capabilities added to the mobile platform to ensure that you and your residents are always able to stay connected.

ActiveDesk 4.0 for iOS now available

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2014

The new version of our iOS app, ActiveDesk 4.0, is now live on the App Store! The major enhancement is the new “Guests” module where users can create and manage all guest authorizations for the community. Resident catch you in the hall asking permission for a guest in their unit?  No problem! You can add them right from the ActiveDesk app, use your device camera to take a picture of guest and authorize it with a touchscreen signature.  That guest is now instantly tracked from ActiveDesk and ActiveBuilding.

Update your ActiveDesk app to version 4.0 if you haven’t already to start managing community guests on the go. More helpful features will be coming soon to make your property management experience better.

To our ActiveBuilding resident users, we have heard your feedback. This month we have also started working on the ActiveBuilding iOS app for both residents and staff. Version 1.0 is targeted for July and will include the Community Activity Stream, rent payments, maintenance requests, and more. We are very excited to be offering this to residents and look forward to building on the ActiveBuilding app alongside ActiveDesk in the coming months!

New to the Building? ActiveBuilding can help

Posted on Monday, May 12th, 2014

Did you just move in to an amazing apartment building in town?  Did the property manger ask you to sign up for ActiveBuilding, and you were like “What is ActiveBuilding?  What is it going to do for me?” What ActiveBuilding can do for a new resident like yourself is help you connect with the rest of the apartment community.  There are plenty of helpful features that are designed to help you make the most of your new building, and it is easy and straightforward to use for residents.

You can use the Community Activity feed to find out what’s going on in your area, check out that couch that the unit down the hall is selling that would be perfect for your new living room, or send messages to other residents who are also big hockey fans like you to meet up for the next game.  This will look very familiar to folks who are used to “liking” posts and is an easy way to get involved with the people in your building.

Residents can fill out information about themselves in their ActiveBuilding profile, and meet other residents in the building that have similar interests.  You can use the community event calendar to see what activities are going on, or schedule your own.  It’s never been more convenient to get that board game night going.

Shop online a bunch?  ActiveBuilding helps you keep track of your purchases by providing a simple and safe way for your property managers to handle and account for packages.  See when the management staff receives packages, and sign for it with your finger on a touchscreen when you go to pick it up.  This information is all archived and stored in case you need to look it up later and beats using a paper slip.

ActiveBuilding also lets you pay your rent online, hurray!  No more writing checks and dropping them off or mailing them in.  Your payment history is stored for later reference safely and securely.  You can also file maintenance requests for building staff to get something fixed, reserve communal amenities like rooms and lounges, and much more. It’s simple to get started with ActiveBuilding and is definitely worth signing up for!

Valentia, owned and managed by Shea Properties, is the February 2014 Property of the Month

Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Valentia, owned and managed by Shea Properties, is the February 2014 Property of the Month


Valentia Apartments, located in San Diego had a 31% increase in resident registration in just 3 days! How did they do it you ask? The team at Valentia hit a wall at 61% absorption for resident registration and was enthusiastic about increasing portal participation so they decided to create a notification blast to the messaging group, All Unregistered Residents, using every notification option in the portal: email, text and voice. The subject was simply ‘Sign up for ActiveBuilding’ and the message directed residents to contact the leasing office for help registering. The message also reiterated that the portal would be the only source for community communication and asked that residents needed to register by the end of the month, thus creating a sense of urgency.

Highlight: Using the text message feature gave Valentia another touch point to communicate with their residents.  Did we mention that text message notification is a brand new release?!

Valentia is also excited to report back that ActiveBuilding has streamlined their daily office operations by moving their paper key log and package tracking online. Additionally, Valentia has been able to utilize the Service Requests within ActiveBuilding for all property work orders to great success.

Please contact your Account Manager ASAP if your property has had a success story that you would like to share for the month of March! We are accepting nominations now!

val e


Dexter is Property of the Month for January 2014

Posted on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Dexter Logo

Dexter, a 201 unit Prometheus property located up the street from Lake Union in Seattle launched ActiveBuilding almost a year ago. They have been power users of everything the portal has to offer; including updating residents, amenity reservations, parking passes, events and packages.The team managed to get every occupied unit registered in the portal by adding ActiveBuilding to their move in process – residents must register to reserve the rooftop decks or club room.

One success story the team shared was when they sent out a voice notification blast to residents to move their car for a garage cleaning and cars were moved within minutes. Dexter residents also enjoy updates from the team through the portal and visibly on their lobby display screens located in their mail room. Residents are responsive to polls asking them what they want their next resident event to be and will be notified through the portal of when the event will take place.


If you think your property has what it takes to be Property of the Month let us know! You can email or get in touch with your Account Manager!

A new look for your Community Portal!

Posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014

ActiveBuilding is starting the new year with a new look. The login page has been revamped with a fresh new design. We simplified and streamlined the log-in page to enhance the user experience. In addition, the new design is more “responsive”, which means the screen will adjust to fit any screen size, including tablets, PCs and smart  phones. This means your community portal will be more user –friendly and look fabulous on any device.

Check out the new look here:

 new log in

As you can see, important links are at the bottom. You can change which links appear on the login page by going to My Community/Links/clicking the little yellow pencil associated with the link you want to change/check the box “Display link publicly on login page”

Not only did we make the site more responsive, but we also added a new Facebook login option that will allow users to login to the community portal with their Facebook username and password.

Please note that this feature will only work if the email address you use for Facebook and ActiveBuilding are the same.

We encourage everyone to check out the new login page and of course let us know what you think! (HINT: Click refresh a couple times until the background image changes.)

If you have any questions or comments about the new login page or the Facebook log-in please contact your Customer Success Manager or to let us know!

Metro 417 win Property of the Month September 2013!

Posted on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Congratulations to Metro 417 for being named Property of the Month for September 2013! The Metro 417 team have been proactive on the Community Portal from the day that they launched over a year ago! The 291 unit community has seen its team log in regularly to send and receive weekly email blasts about upcoming events and activities, posted happenings in the neighborhood, recipes, funny photos, babysitter requests and items for sale. In addition to Wall Postings, it has become the “go to” spot for anyone looking to reserve the rooftop patio, Social Lounge or freight elevator. Residents no longer have to wait for Front Desk to have the opportunity to call them to let them know they have a package, instead receiving instant email or voicemail notifications. Additionally, allowing guests access has never been so easy.

They have consistently had 90% of residents on the site for over 8 months now, residents that are posting and adding to the community conversation. They have seen packages get picked up faster and more residents are using the amenities than ever before.

We are proud to say that the Metro 417 team has exemplified what it means to be an ActiveBuilding Community and we hope to see many more of our clients following their lead over the next year!

If you think that your community deserves to be the Property of the Month please let us know! A Property of the Month Candidate will have a high amount of residents registered and using the site, will post events regularly, has residents (and staff) using package notification, and generally uses the site to build a better community. We look forward to hearing from you!

metro 417 pic

Amenity Payments!

Posted on Friday, September 27th, 2013

Who doesn’t LOVE time-savers?

Are you tired of having “pending” amenities because you’re waiting for your residents to pay the fees that are associated with them?  Well, we now have an easy solution for this.  Ancillary payments, just for your amenities and/or guest suites.  It only takes a few simple steps to get set up and no more ‘pending payments’ for amenities.  Then all you need to do is change payment status for your amenities to ‘pay online’.  Residents will not be able to make a reservation without paying for these fees’ online first.  However, for those residents that do not prefer to make payments online, then they will need to have a staff member make the reservation on their behalf.  SEE it is Simply, Easy and Efficient.

To get more information on the Ancillary payment please log onto your community portal, go to ‘My Dashboard’>Application Settings>General Tab.  In the middle of the page you can access additional information on this payment.  However, you are always welcome to contact your Customer Success Manager at 888-304-5220 8AM-5PM PST.


ActiveBuilding Team

AVA Property Wins Property of the Month, August 2013

Posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2013

AVA Property Wins Property of the Month, August 2013

For this month’s Property of the Month we decided to try something new – we had properties write us a brief self-nomination about why they deserve to win. If you think your property deserves to be our next Property of the Month please contact your Customer Success Manager or send a self-nomination to: AVA H Street in Washington, DC has been selected as ActiveBuilding’s Property of the Month for August!

First and foremost, AVA H Street’s registration rate is 97%. By encouraging residents to join the portal during the leasing process, residents see the benefits of the portal prior to move-in. Residents are able to reserve the loading area/elevator for their move, connect with their neighbors, reserve visitor parking, and see what’s happening in the neighborhood. AVA H Street is particularly proud of the seamless process for reserving visitor parking through the portal that allows residents to reserve visitor parking 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. Residents are auto approved for visitor parking and the charge is added to their account, which they can pay with their monthly rent. Moreover, AVA H Street has utilized direct messages to get out important information about resident events, community updates, and other information to residents.

The most successful aspect of ActiveBuilding for AVA H Street is how the residents interact through the portal. Residents have used the portal to meet each other, set up dog walking groups, buy & sell furniture, promote events or causes they are passionate about, or just to have some fun and socialize electronically. Many times, these on-line interactions materialize into real world gatherings or social events. As a community who promote ‘Activating Social’, the onsite team is thrilled that the community portal has truly become a method for their residents to create social experiences that enhance their lives while they are living at AVA H Street.

Thank you to AVA H Street’s Community Supervisor, Rommy Karam for sharing this success story with us! Could your property be next month’s ActiveBuilding Property of the Month winner? If so, please send in your nomination!

AVA H Street POM pic