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Valentia, owned and managed by Shea Properties, is the February 2014 Property of the Month

Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Valentia, owned and managed by Shea Properties, is the February 2014 Property of the Month


Valentia Apartments, located in San Diego had a 31% increase in resident registration in just 3 days! How did they do it you ask? The team at Valentia hit a wall at 61% absorption for resident registration and was enthusiastic about increasing portal participation so they decided to create a notification blast to the messaging group, All Unregistered Residents, using every notification option in the portal: email, text and voice. The subject was simply ‘Sign up for ActiveBuilding’ and the message directed residents to contact the leasing office for help registering. The message also reiterated that the portal would be the only source for community communication and asked that residents needed to register by the end of the month, thus creating a sense of urgency.

Highlight: Using the text message feature gave Valentia another touch point to communicate with their residents.  Did we mention that text message notification is a brand new release?!

Valentia is also excited to report back that ActiveBuilding has streamlined their daily office operations by moving their paper key log and package tracking online. Additionally, Valentia has been able to utilize the Service Requests within ActiveBuilding for all property work orders to great success.

Please contact your Account Manager ASAP if your property has had a success story that you would like to share for the month of March! We are accepting nominations now!

val e


Dexter is Property of the Month for January 2014

Posted on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Dexter Logo

Dexter, a 201 unit Prometheus property located up the street from Lake Union in Seattle launched ActiveBuilding almost a year ago. They have been power users of everything the portal has to offer; including updating residents, amenity reservations, parking passes, events and packages.The team managed to get every occupied unit registered in the portal by adding ActiveBuilding to their move in process – residents must register to reserve the rooftop decks or club room.

One success story the team shared was when they sent out a voice notification blast to residents to move their car for a garage cleaning and cars were moved within minutes. Dexter residents also enjoy updates from the team through the portal and visibly on their lobby display screens located in their mail room. Residents are responsive to polls asking them what they want their next resident event to be and will be notified through the portal of when the event will take place.


If you think your property has what it takes to be Property of the Month let us know! You can email or get in touch with your Account Manager!

Galvanize wins October 2013 Property of the Month – the First Commercial Winner!

Posted on Monday, December 9th, 2013

We are excited to announce our FIRST commercial Property of the Month winner, Galvanize! Galvanize is a technology entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides Capital, Community, and Curriculum to the tech community in Denver. They currently have 300 individual community members representing 100 different companies.



ActiveBuilding is integral to their daily operations and more than anything else, it supports the efficiency of their biggest asset – Galvanize Community members. Galvanize is the October winner based on consecutively being power users of the amenity and voice notification features. From the Galvanize operations side of things, it allows them to quickly let members know that they have packages, make a simple phone call when guests arrive (through the voice notification option) and announce exciting programming. Their members use it to book conference rooms (typically 50-250 reservations per week), post their own events, and meet other members. Without Active Building, the Galvanize community lacks a core component of communication.

If your property has a unique success story to share please let us know! We would be happy to consider you for the next addition of Property of the Month. Please send a paragraph or two to or contact your Account Manager.


AVA Property Wins Property of the Month, August 2013

Posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2013

AVA Property Wins Property of the Month, August 2013

For this month’s Property of the Month we decided to try something new – we had properties write us a brief self-nomination about why they deserve to win. If you think your property deserves to be our next Property of the Month please contact your Customer Success Manager or send a self-nomination to: AVA H Street in Washington, DC has been selected as ActiveBuilding’s Property of the Month for August!

First and foremost, AVA H Street’s registration rate is 97%. By encouraging residents to join the portal during the leasing process, residents see the benefits of the portal prior to move-in. Residents are able to reserve the loading area/elevator for their move, connect with their neighbors, reserve visitor parking, and see what’s happening in the neighborhood. AVA H Street is particularly proud of the seamless process for reserving visitor parking through the portal that allows residents to reserve visitor parking 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. Residents are auto approved for visitor parking and the charge is added to their account, which they can pay with their monthly rent. Moreover, AVA H Street has utilized direct messages to get out important information about resident events, community updates, and other information to residents.

The most successful aspect of ActiveBuilding for AVA H Street is how the residents interact through the portal. Residents have used the portal to meet each other, set up dog walking groups, buy & sell furniture, promote events or causes they are passionate about, or just to have some fun and socialize electronically. Many times, these on-line interactions materialize into real world gatherings or social events. As a community who promote ‘Activating Social’, the onsite team is thrilled that the community portal has truly become a method for their residents to create social experiences that enhance their lives while they are living at AVA H Street.

Thank you to AVA H Street’s Community Supervisor, Rommy Karam for sharing this success story with us! Could your property be next month’s ActiveBuilding Property of the Month winner? If so, please send in your nomination!

AVA H Street POM pic

Annaliese is June 2013’s Property of the Month!

Posted on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

A great on-site team can have a huge impact on your residents’ experience as well as your property’s retention rate; something that we are all aware of and strive for.  This month’s property of the month really impressed us here at ActiveBuilding with how they have proved this notion and made their Community Portal a valuable source of information.  Please congratulate The Annaliese for being selected as ActiveBuilding’s Property of the Month for June 2013!


In two short months the on-site team at The Annaliese has almost doubled their resident registration rate, as well as significantly increased their communications with residents.  In addition to drastically boosting their residents’ participation, one thing that stuck out to us is the variety of information that they share with residents, ranging from amenity closures, local construction, community events, weather updates, and energy saving tips.  The team has also utilized the polls feature, gathering feedback from residents about planned changes to the property—we think that this is a particularly fantastic way to ensure that residents’ opinions and voices are heard.  Kudos to you!

Amongst all of the great communication within The Annaliese’s community portal what has impressed us the most is the clear impact that the onsite team has had on resident relations.  This connection in their community portal clearly expands beyond that to face-to-face interactions with residents. We love that there are onsite teams as passionate as we are with keeping residents up-to-date and informed about what is happening at their property and in their neighborhood and embracing technology to do so.

Again, congratulations to the Annaliese for being June 2013’s Property of the Month! With a little dedication to residents and upkeep of the portal any of our clients could be July’s!

annalises 2

Camden Farmers Market named Property of the Month for May 2013!

Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2013

Farmers Market Logo for Portal

Camden Farmers Market has been awarded Property of the Month for May 2013! Congratulations to the entire team in Dallas! With a proactive team and dedicated management Camden Farmers  Market has, without a doubt, gone above and beyond for their residents. While keeping the Community Portal up to date, the team at Camden Farmers Market has maintained a sense of humor. They are constantly posting fun facts, events, and tips on various parts of life, therefore keeping the residents engaged and coming back for more!


When we look for a Property of the Month there are certain things that absolutely have to be present for a Community Portal to be considered outstanding.  These are things like high registration rates, large amount of residents actively participating in the conversation, staff members keeping the residents up to date about the little things, and basic upkeep of the site.  It is important to note however that we have many properties with Community Portals that satisfy these requirements, what we look for is the properties that are going above and beyond to make their portal a place that is welcoming and fun for residents. Camden Farmers Market has completely succeeded in this endeavor.

Camden Farmers Market not only keeps track of all packages, communications, events, and amenities for their residents, they also take the time to learn about the community as a whole. This Dallas based team is creating a community within the walls of the apartment complex that will keep their residents happy and considering Camden Farmers Market their home for years to come. We at ActiveBuilding hope to see many more Community Portals with such high resident usage rates over the coming years.

Stay tuned to see who the Property of the Month will be for June 2013! Who knows, it could be your property!

camden farmers market

April 2013’s Property of the Month goes to Prescott Wallingford!

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013

ActiveBuilding’s April 2013 property of the month is Prescott Wallingford!  Prescott Wallingford began using their community portal in the summer of 2012, before their doors where even open.  As a lease-up, this community felt that it was important to connect with their residents and have a clear, centralized communication tool in which to do this with.

From the moment that Prescott Wallingford ‘s new residents sign their leases, the team gets them registered on the community portal, where they continually to post updates about improvements and events happening at the property.  When the property’s initial move-ins occurred this was especially beneficial because it allowed them to proactively inform the tenants when all of the amenities of their new home would be complete and open for use.

In addition to their impressive resident participation, interactions with residents, and use of key and inventory records, the ActiveBuilding team was impressed by the Prescott Wallingford team’s determination to learn all the ways that their portal could be used to meet their operational needs as they became a stabilized community.  Members of their staff attended our specialized webinar series last year, as well as displayed keen interest in learning about new features as they were released.

We are excited to recognize Prescott Wallingford as our latest property of the month!!

prescot 2

Radford Court in Seattle wins Property of the Month!

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013

Radford Court was voted March 2013’s Property of the Month by the ActiveBuilding team! Congratulations to Radford Court for having a stand out Community Portal! The team at Radford Court are shining examples of an onsite team that works together to engage their residents and build a thriving community.

As with any award there are some specifications that the Community Portal must meet. To become an ActiveBuilding Property of the Month it is important to have high resident registration rates and engagement. The onsite team should take care to post events, recommendations, updates, and announcements regularly that show their dedication to building a community at the property. Radford Court has been a wonderful example of this dedication since they launched to residents over a year ago. We are happy to award them the honor of Property of the Month.

Radford Court has continuously posted updates on the Community Portal that provide insight and news to their residents. They always maintain a professional voice while being as transparent as possible with their residents. This mixture of attributes allows their residents to trust the team and know that they are in the hands of real experts. Here at ActiveBuilding we love it when we see a Community Portal being used in a way that allows for constant and open communication between residents and the specialists that take care of the property’s needs.

By keeping all operational activities current in their portal, in addition to using it for community outreach, the team at Radford Court is continuously improving the lives of their residents. We can only hope that by our continued efforts to improve the Community Portal we can help them in as many ways as possible.

Once again, congratulations to Radford Court for being March 2013’s Property of the Month! I know I look forward to finding out who will be the Property of the Month for April!

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013

717 Olympic has been selected as ActiveBuilding’s Property of the Month for February 2013! It is with great honor that I am able to say 717 Olympic has been a stellar Community Portal user over the years that they have been a part of the ActiveBuilding community. Giving them the title of Property of the Month is completely appropriate and well deserved.

717 1

Here at ActiveBuilding we judge the properties based on; resident registration rates, how often staff members post updates and events, if announcements are changed regularly, and if operations are consistently kept up to date. We also enjoy rewarding properties that have open communications with their residents via the portal. 717 Olympic has embraced all of these traits and their usage of their Portal goes above and beyond anything we could hope for!

When talking to the lead concierge at 717 Olympic about ActiveBuilding and the important roll the Community Portal plays in their day to day routines, this is what they had to say;

“Active Building has revolutionized the way we operate our front desk at 717 Olympic. I started the Lead Concierge roll with binders, printed calendars, a pencil and eraser. After learning the features it offers; I could not wait to transfer all of our resident/calendar data into the program. We now can load everything we need to communicate with our community. We went from 0% to 69% registered residents! Achieving this goal means 100% to me and our office. We look forward to using and making Active Building the best community portal for all!”

It is thrilling for us to hear that the Community Portal is making such an impact for these concierges! It is so nice to hear that we are making their days a little bit easier and giving them time to talk to residents and build a real community onsite. Stories like this make everything that we do worth it!

Again, congratulations to 717 Olympic for being the February 2013 Property of the month!

717 2

December 2012 Property of the Month

Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Congratulations to the Gallery Condos in Seattle for being named the Final Property of the Month of 2012! As the December honoree we are pleased to announce that since the Gallery started using ActiveBuilding a little over a year ago they have grown with the product and continue to use the software in a consistent manner! When looking for a Property of the Month here at ActiveBuilding we look for a few things; including consistent posting, interacting with residents, using many different parts of the portal, and most importantly that they have a high registration rate. We take all of these variables and after some spirited debate announce the Property of the Month.

The Gallery has a wonderful team that is there to respond to and work with residents at all times and this has translated to the Community Portal as well. Any comment, problem, or suggestion is replied to in a timely manner, something that we love seeing on every portal. The Gallery has made it so that residents know they will get a prompt response to any online queries, an action that keeps residents happy and satisfied!

Resident registration is always a vital part of the portal; if the resident’s aren’t registered then they aren’t getting to use everything at their disposal. The Gallery found fun ways to get residents interested in registering for the Community Portal, therefore making it clear to residents that this is something that will make their lives a little be easier.

The Gallery is Property of the Month for December 2012, maybe your property will be POM for next month!