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Expo and ActiveBuilding, a match made in Multifamily heaven!

Posted on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

For Communities that are still in the lease-up stage ActiveBuilding can provide a valuable tool in coordinating resident and staff efforts during the move in stage. Recently a new lease-up here in Seattle got set up on with a Community Portal from ActiveBuilding and they have been blowing us away with how much they are using the portal during this pre-move in time!

Expo (an Essex property) has been steadily inviting residents to the portal since they were first trained on the system. The residents that sign up for the site are able to reserve their elevator to ensure a positive move-in experience all around. The staff at Expo has taken proactive steps to get to know their residents and make sure that the residents know that all important information will be coming from the Community Portal. This is a huge step towards being green for Expo and of course we applaud them for their efforts!

As more residents lease apartments from Expo and get ready to move in later this year everyone has more time to learn about the Community Portal and understand that it is available for all their renting needs. Residents will already know how to submit service requests, pick up their packages, reserve amenities, and enter in Permission to Enters for guests. This advance knowledge will lead to a smooth move in for all residents and staff something I know everyone enjoys!

To all our lease-up properties out there, take note and be proactive! We can help you to utilize your Community Portal just like Expo has! If you have any questions or want to make your property as stellar as Expo please give us a call at 888.304.5220.