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Student Housing

ActiveBuilding and Student Housing

Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Student Housing is an ever expanding part of the Multifamily industry. This section of the industry has different concerns and needs, things that ActiveBuilding can help with! We always go out of our way to do everything we can for our clients and Student Housing is no different.

Each unit can be broken up into single bedrooms so that residents do not share any information, nor do they depend on each other. Within the Community Portal residents at Student Housing buildings are treated as though they each have their own apartment, meaning roommates don’t receive email notifications for each other. Ever.

We also provide Student Housing developments with the ability to move out residents at the end of each year, leading to an easy move in process each September (or August if that’s when your school starts up). With the Building Activity Stream residents can quickly get to know their neighbors, creating a sense of community. This community is so vital for college campus’ when students are away from home and still learning about life and themselves. In a new city where they may not have support 24/7 from home students thrive on getting to know new people.

With our events calendar the Resident Advisors can schedule events and let everyone know what is going on in the outside community at all times. College campuses are always full of fun things to do (or study groups!) and I know I was always pretty disappointed when I missed something I was looking forward to. With the Events Calendar it is easy to always keep your students in the know, letting them know when everything is happening on campus.

The Community Links provide a place for students to access all of their necessary websites. With most Universities there are so many different sites to keep track of and Community Links puts them in one place that is completely tied to where the residents live and play!

Student Housing is just one of the many ways ActiveBuilding is striving to make the Multifamily industry a little more cohesive. We are always working to make the system a little better and would love to hear your feedback!